SEO Hero : what to know about the Wix SEO Contest 2016/2017

Wix is launching is first SEO contest

Why an SEO Challenge ?

Testing is the best way to learn in the Search Engine Optimization Game. In a challenge, you can do your own tests, which is better than everything beacause you can test your strategy against other competitors.

SEO Challenge, a long history on the Internet

Mangeur de cigogne, chokoku, Sentimancho, Alphabet, Global Warming... All those words (real or invented) are related to a passed seo contest wich have seen the best SEOs in the World fight each other. A lot of them have begun their legend during those contest...

What is SEO ?

SEO is an English acronym meaning "Search Engine optimization". This translates into French by "Optimization for search engines" and this is simply the English equivalent for the word referencing. Optimization is used to achieve a good positioning in search engines results, including the search for images and localities. Being ranked first in a popular request on an engine such as Google usually brings a large number of visitors. Referencing is focused on web-marketing and tends to bring visibility to websites. So this discipline is interested in both the methods of working engines, but also how people look for information on the Internet. In general, it is possible to optimize a site (or page) through different techniques that take place both in "on-page" (on page) and "off-page" (off the page).

SEO Meetup

These events are often the pretext for networking and conquering new targets! Paris lounges are not necessarily highlighted. From 18 to 20 September will take place the Paris E-commerce trade fair at Porte de Versailles. E-Commerce and E-Marketing Paris lounges are an opportunity for e-traders and communication professionals to meet and exchange around topics that are dear to them. Since the 1 st Exhibition in 2007, events have grown well and attract more and more professionals. 5 years after their launch, is it still interesting to go to these lounges? 3 good reasons to continue to go to the Paris E-Commerce show…

SEO Hero Consultant : is this a job ?

CThe business of SEO Consultant is both a web of web browsing and communication, but it also includes a good part of writing and creating content. It's a relatively recent trade since it has grown gradually over the last decade, in total correlation with the evolution of the Internet and e-Business. (Note that there are generic web formations but not necessarily SEO training dedicated to the universities.)

SEO expert: Details on the term

Given the analytical approach of natural referencing, it is difficult to talk about SEO Expert SEO. Indeed, an expert is a person who knows, who knows, whereas a référenceur will practice the empirical analysis to draw conclusions and then implement SEO action plans. It can be noted that it is interesting from a semantic point of view to be visible on the expertise, because it is very used. SEO expertise is not intended for big business. The democratization of the Internet and the recent solutions for géolocalisé optimization are useful levers for TPE/smes and traders. In the same way as it is possible to put in place local or regional communications operations (press, radio), it is possible to carry out SEO analyses and actions in a determined geographical area.

SEO Hero : the truth about it !

" Become an SEO Hero " An SEO competition was launched by Société WIX which is not known for its big performance in SEO while it is its main communication axis. For little that you have looked at the solution, they offer an interface, certainly easy to use, but when one looks a little over the SEO, you get a little current. For example there are other more efficient CMS used for example on SEO Hero There's real html, not the loaded JS after 2 minutes of the splash screen that Google decided to penalize. See penalties on intersticiel, and it affects more world than you think. Before looking in more detail at what an SEO hero needs to know, there is a resource that Google has given through its spokesman for 12 years, who is now leaving its functions. Google's Maile Ohye published a video about how to choose an seo hero. So Wix announced an SEO contest with the key $ 50 000 to win. Who will talk about the competition? The SEO of course, we will see bloom everywhere of SEO sites hero, and it is not sure that it is wix that will win, it will have a whole palette of SEO on which can count. I don't hide that I'm going to participate in the contest. For this I will be transparent, these are the domain names with which I will participate. I wanted to diversify domain names by not voluntarily or. fr. The objective and rules of the contest require the use of English as the main language. Although one can think that is the extension has favoured, I go on a domain in. top for my main site SEO hero This competition was launched by Wix, an online platform to create web sites using a simple drag-to-drop method, which was a long time to be ideal if you wanted to have good positions on search engines. Since the beginning Wix has improved from flash to HTML 5, allowing to modify meta tags, managing correctly the 301, taking into account the mobinautes… However, the service retains a bad reputation in the middle, which prompted the company to launch a competition contest with the keyword SEO Hero where the aim is to exceed the site launched by Wix. A dangerous game Wix wants to show that its platform is strong, but by launching an SEO contest, the company risks facing up to strong people, especially with a bonus of $ 50 000 for the winner! SEO Hero Wix has therefore put online a site optimized for the terms "SEO Hero" while using its solution. Each webmaster, référenceur… is invited to create a site using the CMS of its choice and will receive $ 50 000 if it is positioned in front of the site within 4 months. The rules of the competition It is necessary to register a new domain name starting on or after November 16, 2016 and must have a blank history. Participants must abide by Google's recommendations and host an English content. Finally, each participant must create an account for its site on Google Analytics and Google Search Console and give access to the organizers. Dates of SEO Hero The launch was November 16, the registration limit on December 16, 2016 and the competition results will be announced on February 16, 2017. My opinion By applying for a blank domain, each participant will be more or less under the same conditions, especially as participants will only have to use Google authorized Techniques. By opening Analytics and Search Console, organizers will be able to limit aggressive techniques, but not delete them. See if participants play the game and if Wix will keep his promises!

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